Collection: Gift Cards

Please Note: 

New Gift Cards - December 09, 2022

We have introduced a new gift card.  As this new gift card is being deployed, between today and January 1st, there may be select locations that do not accept the new card.
To view a complete list of locations and if the card is accepted, please visit: 

Existing Gift Cards

If you have an existing gift card, we can assist in transferring the balance to a new gift card.  To get started, please visit: 



If courier shipping is not paid for, Gift Cards will be shipped via Canada Post non-registered (postage mail).  Please allow up to 5 business days to receive the gift card.  


 Thank you for your cooperation. 

Please Note: Due to rising costs of merchandise, the price of our crewnecks and hoodies will be increasing as of November 7th, 2022.